Renovated facade

Powerhouse Kjørbo, located outside of Oslo, Norway, opened in April 2014 and is the first Powerhouse project to be completed by the collaboration. By optimising and combining existing technologies in new ways, the two office buildings from the 1980s were renovated into energy positive buildings.

After the renovation, the buildings’ energy needs have been reduced by 90%. Local energy is produced by solar panels installed on the roof. These can supply over 200 000 kWh each year – double the amount of the building’s need. Ground wells in the park outside the buildings provide heating for radiators, water and ventilation air, and cooling in the summer.

In addition to producing more energy than it consumes, the project has also been rewarded with the highest classification in the BREEAM-NOR environmental certification system ‘outstanding’ as built.

A comfortable and attractive indoor environment has been an important factor for the success of the project. The whole building is upgraded into top modern office spaces. The facades consist of charred wood, which retains the dark colors of the existing building and provide environmentally friendly and maintenance free material that is beneficial in terms of embodied energy. Walls, ceilings, and windows are well insulated, the cold bridges massively reduced, and the detailing ensures an extremely airtight climate shell.

To avoid overheating in the summer, exterior sun shading screens will automatically be activated. They are see-through so that the view is not obstructed. There are a number of factors working together that makes this building unique. Amongst these are exposed concrete decks and the halving of the speed of the ventilation air, and thus using the main staircase as a ventilation channel.

Zoning of the floor layout and sensors that control lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling ensures efficient use of energy. There has been a huge effort in securing that all the materials brought into the project meets the highest environmental standards, at the same time as they are low in embodied energy.

Additional information about Powerhouse Kjørbo

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