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Future proof buildings

Climate buildings that are also energy-positive buildings

WHAT IS A POWERHOUSE?Smart by Powerhouse


A Powerhouse building generates more energy than it consumes. The building’s geometry is optimised to harvest solar energy specific to the location. During summer, when daylight is abundant, excess electricity produced by solar panels will be sold to the power grid. During winter, the building needs to buy energy from the grid. However, over a one-year span, it will produce more electricity than it consumes.


Why choose a Powerhouse?

Powerhouse has shown that buildings can be energy-positive and profitable at the same time. Energy-positive buildings will pay off, for the developer, for the entrepreneur as well as for the tenants.


Smart by Powerhouse

The Smart by Powerhouse guide is a tool that can be used for design, development and communication regarding smart commercial buildings, both new constructions and rehabilitation projects.


Creating value

Interaction provides added value. Combining extreme energy performance, a favourable indoor climate, low energy impact and robust solutions at commercial terms, requires a different approach than in most traditional building projects. The key is integrated solutions, and this requires collaboration, expertice and holistic thinking.


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