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Why choose a powerhouse?

With the Powerhouse Paris Proof concept, you can help design buildings that comply with the reduction targets in the Paris Agreement, and you can help shape the buildings of the future. The definition states maximum and total CO2 emissions per square metre. Achieving this will take zero-emission construction sites in combination with climate-friendly materials, recycling and re-use. The Futurebuilt definition of energy positive buildings is also part of the basis. This ensures that buildings produce more energy than they consume over their lifecycle.

In 2017, greenhouse gas emissions related to the Norwegian building and construction industry amounted to 13 million tonnes of CO2, including emissions from imported construction materials. This corresponds to approximately the emissions from the Norwegian continental shelf, in other words, a volume and a scope it is high time we take seriously. At the same time, buildings account for 40 per cent of global energy consumption. Energy efficiency, renewable energy, building traditions and climate-friendly building materials rank high on the agenda for the Powerhouse collaboration. All of these focus areas are essential if we are to build in a way that meets the requirements of the 1.5 degree target in the Paris Agreement.


Leading partners

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