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Smart by Powerhouse

What is a smart building? The Smart by Powerhouse guide will attempt to answer this question, and thus provide a basis for discussion among key partners in the development of smart buildings.

The basis for the guide is the need for and expected effects from a smart building, not what types of technology are available. It focuses on value viewed from the perspectives of users, tenants, building owners and society in general, as well as how various conflicting objectives must be balanced. The goal is to better equip the market players in the value chain to carry on a discussion regarding the interplay between technology and desired value, to set ambition levels and assess whether these values can be achieved.

Smart by Powerhouse is freely available in the sector for those who recognise the benefit of a function-based framework. It is not intended to be a static document, but will be further developed in line with the development in the sector and the feedback received. We therefore welcome input and contributions from those who use the guide and acquire various types of experience. Send us your input, or send an email to rune.stene@powerhouse.no.

Veilederen er utarbeidet av Powerhouse-samarbeidet. I prosessen har vi mottatt konstruktive spørsmål og innspill fra aktører i bygg- og eiendomsnæringen, samt teknologi- og IT-selskaper som leverer produkter og tjenester til smarte bygg. For å sikre at veilederen også tar hensyn til byggenes påvirkning på og samvirke med omgivelsene, har forskningssenteret Zero Emission Neighbourhoods (ZEN) bidratt med verdifulle innspill.

Want to download the guide in PDF format? Both one-sided and two-sided versions are available here:
Smart by Powerhouse – one-sided
Smart by Powerhouse – two-sided

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